Welcome to 2020 Virtual CSUCI Student Research Conference!

Conference Welcome Video

Message from President Beck

Welcome to the 12th Annual CSU Channel Islands Student Research Conference. This year we have pivoted to a virtual setting. Although we would have loved to be with you in person, this conference website will allow you to have access to all presentations and view them at your own leisure.

This website organizes students’ oral and poster presentations by their scheduled sessions (e.g. Poster Session 1) and by disciplines (see the icons in the upper right).

On Saturday, May 16, the presentations will be “published” at different intervals base on the times indicated on the conference schedule.

Poster Presentations – Session 1 (12:00 PM)
Oral Presentations – Session 1 (1:00 PM)
Poster Presentations – Session 2 (2:00 PM)
Oral Presentations – Session 2 (3:00 PM)
Poster Presentations – Session 3 (4:00 PM)

You will be directed to the students’ project pages that include their slides, posters, and video presentations. We encourage you to leave comments on the students’ presentation pages.

This year’s celebration includes nearly 120 projects representing the work of more than 200 students and faculty mentors. This work occurred in research-intensive courses, independent study courses, independent research courses, and through co-curricular efforts. Researching alongside a faculty mentor, students engage with their discipline deeply. They feed their curiosity in a way that develops skills to become life-long learners.  

Faculty also benefit. At an undergraduate institution like CSUCI that expects excellence in the classroom as well as scholarly productivity, many faculty members work with undergraduates who want to immerse themselves in their chosen fields. Often these students present at national and international conferences and become coauthors on manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals.

Please take time to engage with the students’ websites and their work. They and we are proud of what they can accomplish. We commend their resilience and dedication to their scholarly pursuits.

– Sean Q Kelly and Luis A. Sánchez, Faculty Co-Leads for CI Student Research

Student Opportunity Center (SOC)

SOC is the largest national database of undergraduate research and creative activities that lists over 15,000 conferences, publications, journals, research/co-op, and funding opportunities – many of them virtual or remote! It also makes it possible for administrators to upload, manage, and share opportunities for students, as well as track and assess student participation.

As a CSUCI student, you have access to this database. Feel free to sign up using your school email and explore: