Uncovering the Portrayals of a Growing Latino/a Population in Print and Online News Media


Barragan Yolanda,


Jose Alamillo , Chicana/o Studies


Chicana/o Studies


Despite being the largest minority group in the U.S., the Latino/a population is not adequately represented in English-language print and online news media. English-language news outlets view Spanish-language news outlets as adequate representation for the Latino/a community, but English-language outlets have just as much, if not more, of an influence in shaping the political, social, and economic narrative of the Latino/a community. Newspaper articles from two English-language publications, the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times, and two Spanish-language publications, La Opinion and El Diario, serve as the primary sources for my discourse analysis focusing on how the Latino/a population is portrayed in each publication. The sample includes twenty articles from each publication, categorized under the news section and published within the last twenty years. The articles I include in my study focus on the development of the Latino/a population becoming the largest minority group in the U.S.. Another factor of my analysis is documenting whether the authors of the articles are or are not Latino/a. News sources have the ability to establish narratives, both positive and negative, but are often considered to be unbiased when reporting on factual information such as population growth. I expect to uncover that Spanish-language media provides a more positive portrayal of the Latino/a community versus English-language media due to a higher rate of Latino/a journalists on the staff.

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