The Impact of Modernization on Health and Diet Within Thailand

Author Name(s)

Gage Albertson

Faculty Advisor(s)

Jaime Matera


As some nations progress to a first world status, there is an inevitable shift away from their traditional methods. Shifts like these would include the modernization and deviations within cultural habits and customs. These changes can be seen in many areas of the world. The research topic of focus is specifically based on analyzing the changes and shifts development is causing to Thailand’s health and traditional dietary practices. Although there are many advancements and innovations that have improved the quality of life for many, there are still some basic aspects that have been neglected; this would include the topic of health. Many countries are currently facing problems with dietary deficiencies, chronic diseases, and obesity. This was not as prevalent in the past, as people were more accustomed to traditional lifestyle practices. The research conducted in this capstone aims at bringing insight on Thailand’s cultural and historical background. Along with this, there is also a focus on Thailand’s troubles with health as it continues to develop.



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