A View into the Vampire Community: Sanguinarians, Spirituality and Psychic Vampirism

Author Name(s)

Chloe McCullen

Faculty Advisor(s)

Jaime Matera


The folkloric vampire has been present in myriad cultures throughout history, with roots in Africa, Asia, North and South America, India, Eastern and Western Europe. This widespread myth has existed throughout the centuries to tackle the life versus death dichotomy and personify the liminal space between. Although extensive work has been done to define who or what a vampire is, scant research has been conducted in acknowledging the subculture dubbed the “Vampire Community.” The subculture is composed of individuals who identify with the vampiric trope to different extents, with some individuals even considering themselves to be “real vampires” who feed on other human beings. This research study sought to analyze the influences on the modern-day Vampire Community, determine the prevalence of religious and vampiric practices within the subculture, and develop a categorical representation of the community and its members. To do so,  extensive literary analysis was conducted along with a Qualtrics survey and semi-structured interviews to collect data from Vampire Community. Among the findings, data showed that there was extreme versatility and lack of cohesion within the subculture, that there is a large representation of “real vampires” that make up the majority of the community, and that there is no single dogma or religious affiliation within the group, rather it is a religiously inclusive space. The research findings contribute to a better understanding of this particular subculture, as well as the anthropological study of subcultures as a sociocultural phenomenon.


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  1. Elizabeth Blackwood

    An excellent presentation that took an academic approach to a popular topic. I learned a lot here. Very impressive, Chloe!

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