Analysis of Fieldworkers and Work in Oxnard, California: Effects of Policy and Climate Change

Author Name(s)

Marnol Arevalos

Faculty Advisor(s)

Jaime Matera


This work looks at how immigration policy and climate change affect the work environment for fieldworkers and their work. The hypothesis of this work is that immigration policy and climate change culminate in a series of disadvantages and advantages, but their overall outcome will generate an adverse work environment that will dissuade future immigrants from taking agriculture as an occupation. Therefore, the present farm labor shortage being felt by California and the US will continue to worsen. If farmers want continued access to fieldworkers immigration policy will to protect the worker, enforce better work conditions, and allow them to circulate between the US and Mexico.



Additional Supporting Materials

Smith, Stacey Vanek, and Cardiff Garcia. “Worker Shortage Hurts California’s Agriculture Industry.” NPR. NPR, May 3, 2018

Holmes, Seth M. Fresh fruit, broken bodies. University of California Press, 2013.

2 thoughts on “Analysis of Fieldworkers and Work in Oxnard, California: Effects of Policy and Climate Change”

  1. Maria Ballesteros-Sola

    Excellent presentation! Your research brings much-needed attention to a problem that impacts all of us. Your presentation is clear and compelling. Very professional! I hope you can collect additional primary data and move your research forward to raise awareness on VC fieldworkers and impact policy. Kudos to your advisor too. Good luck!

  2. Your project is necessary and possibly of application immediately. You should consider sharing your data and poster with organizations such as CAUSE in Ventura County. I appreciated all the graphs you put together, a wonderful abundance of information.

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