Campus Fever: Managing School and Fear of COVID-19

    Author Name(s)

    James Tobin

    Faculty Advisor(s)

    Dr. Jaime Matera


     This original research evaluates student stress response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, specifically focusing on how students maintain positive mental health in the face of this crisis, all while continuing their education. My research methodology focuses on surveys offered to CSU Channel Islands students, and all responses are voluntary. Students may choose which response is appropriate. The survey is also confidential. The survey questions address such topics as student stress during this time and how students manage stress. The main objective of this original research is to evaluate how young people manage two forms of stress, that posed by their schoolwork, and that stress brought on by COVID-19. This analysis will be of use to many academic disciplines, including fields such as anthropology, sociology, and psychology, and will establish new insights into how young people can adapt to and overcome stressful situations such as that engendered by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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