CI Student Generated Science Experiments to Engage the Local Community

Author Name(s)

Natalie Olivares

Faculty Advisor(s)

Safa Khan


This research project is a living lab that aims to create an open learning database of student-created science experiments. My work involves a collaboration between other CI students, Dr. Khan (a chemistry professor at CI), and faculty from Rio Del Sol, an elementary school in Oxnard, to build STEM experiments for over 577 K-8th students. The experiments are being designed so that they can be conducted in a large classroom setting. This is not insignificant, as very few materials made available online are designed with the classroom in mind. Furthermore, there are currently no other freely open science experiment databases available. We are building a direct pipeline into STEM and higher education by providing young students with simple yet core science projects they can do at home or in school with commonly available supplies. The central question for this research is the usability and quality of the science experiment database. The methodology of inquiry will include checkpoints before, during, and after each activity where feedback and evaluation are sought out from the database users. The expected findings are that the prototypes will be validated by the elementary school instructors and the database can then be used as a pilot for the entire Rio School District. Ultimately, the database and experiments will be disseminated to a wider audience of teachers and community members across the country and nation.



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2 thoughts on “CI Student Generated Science Experiments to Engage the Local Community”

  1. Great job Natalie! This is such important work you all are doing. I’m appreciative of all of your efforts to promote science to our local school communities!

  2. What wonderful and important work! Thank you for your great presentation. I know several of my teacher colleagues in Oxnard will Love and use your website. 🙂

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