COROntine Corps

    Author Name(s)

    Maddy Hitchcock
    Michela Lee
    Jessica Clay

    Faculty Advisor(s)

    Heather Castillo


    The CORontine Corps project has is a digital dance archive of virtual performances curated during the Spring 2020 when dance programs, studios, individual artists, and companies pivoted their live performances and Fall 2020 when programs planned virtual performances. The project was created when quarantine first began as an act of outreach to provide dance educators who were new to virtual environments a pathway to still create a performance experience for their students. We are on the verge of a significant paradigm shift in how people consume the dance arts. The seeds of that shift will be present in these first two semesters/seasons of virtual performances. We can not predict exactly what the arts will look like in 5 years or 15 after COVID-19’s impact on live performances, however, documenting and archiving these performances can provide access and for future researchers and possible clues for those looking to predict the future. For example, when motion pictures or “flickers” were first introduced, I do not think that people expected the Golden Age of Movie Musicals to arrive a few decades later. We present the archive, our methods for building the archive, and our thoughts on virtual pandemic dance and the future.


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