Digital Advertising and Privacy Concerns: The stakeholder’s perspective

Author Name(s)

Matthew Macrini

Faculty Advisor(s)

Taylan Yalcin DBA,
Dylan Cooper Ph.D.,
Ekin Pehlivan Ph.D.,
Cristina Nistor Ph.D.


A topic repeatedly brought up in any conversation on technology, is privacy. In 2020, in response to worries about consumer data, it was announced that Chrome, the largest web browser owned by Google, would no longer support third-party cookies. In a rush to meet growing regulation and market changes, ad-tech companies are creating alternatives. In this paper we explore the concerns different stakeholders have such as consumers, adtech platforms, advertisers, and publishers, in relation to online tracking methods such as third party cookies, Google’s privacy sandbox, and Unified ID 2.0.


1 thought on “Digital Advertising and Privacy Concerns: The stakeholder’s perspective”

  1. Dr. Weldon Zane Smith

    Thanks for the presentation Matthew! Really makes you wonder how these type of things are going to shape how apps and websites work in the future.

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