Hypothesis Testing with Two Samples

Author Name(s)

Veronica Avalos
Eric Ruano
Chris Salas
Ashley Skelton

Faculty Advisor(s)

Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk


In our presentation, we will be using statistical hypothesis testing to compare two samples. The two sample t-test is commonly used to determine if the mean (average) difference between two populations is actually significant or merely due to random chance. This method is used when the following criteria is met: data values are gathered from two populations, the data values/samples are independent from one another, the sample size has to be greater than 30, and the samples follow a normal distribution. Our presentation will focus on COVID-19 data analysis.



2 thoughts on “Hypothesis Testing with Two Samples”

  1. Dr. Cindy Sherman

    Good work to show the reasoning for using a t test, the kinds of t tests, describing the null hypothesis, and explaining clearly what the results mean.
    Very minor criticisms: Last speaker said “zero point 5”, which actually is “point zero 5” when explaining “6.078e-08<0.05"
    I would have like each person to say their name before they started speaking.
    Good work and clear presentation.

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