Marriage in India: A woman’s dream turned nightmare

Author Name(s)

Yesenia Bautista

Faculty Advisor(s)

Jaime Matera


Marriage is an old tradition that has been celebrated throughout time. It is seen and carried out in all living societies. The idea of marriage comes in different forms for many societies and India is no exception. With India being such a large place, this calls for variety in the way that a marriage is performed. (Bloch, 2004) In India, a marriage is a solid and final decision. For traditional Indian culture, a marriage is a union that is shared among the individuals getting married and their families. The community contributes by offering to cook, clean, and in any other way they can. (Kamicheril, 2012) A wedding and marriage in India are typically a joyous occasion for the individuals, their families, and close friends. This is not always the case when it comes to marriage in India. Women traditionally, are not a superior sex in Indian society and are looked as inferior to men. For many women in India, marriage can become a deadly and dangerous situation. The research conducted aims to further be used to help create better laws and policies to promote equal treatment for Indian women. In hopes that these policies will be enforced effectively to protect the safety and livelihood for women in India.


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