Mechanical Automation of Laser Laboratories by Undergraduates

Author Name(s)

Emiko Ito

Faculty Advisor(s)

Dr. Scott Feister


Undergraduate work has been mainly focused on general courses and those for the major, however, as many professionals in the industry can vouch for, engineers need research and experience as early as they can get it. By collaborating with graduate level high density energy laboratory technicians, undergraduate engineering students can greatly benefit from taking a problem at the most basic level and working physical and electrical boundaries to bring forth a real working piece of automation that can be used in that experimental setting. Taking into account the limitations of an underclass Undergraduate and the work that can be done while taking full classes, we modeled and worked with the mechanical components of multiple preprogrammed motors and an Arduino set, to be able to create a remote and/or computer controlled device that can be used in the experimentation of lasers in university laboratories. Through the use of computer science, 3D modeling software, 3D printing capabilities, and basic electrical circuitry, this poster plans to present the mechanical and electronic side to this project.


2 thoughts on “Mechanical Automation of Laser Laboratories by Undergraduates”

  1. Dr. Weldon Zane Smith

    Thanks for presenting, Emiko! I really enjoyed it. It’s cool that you and your fellow students are working on solving real problems, and it’s quite impressive that y’all are getting work done without even having access to the actual laser devices. I hope you and your team get to experiment and use the lasers and your blockers in the future rather than just looking at them virtually!

    1. Thanks so much Dr. Smith! You had some great questions and I also hope we get to actually experiment with some lasers soon, or at least send the lab some prototypes!

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