Simulating Protons through Magnetic Fields to Characterize High Energy Laser Experiments

    Author Name(s)

    Samad Mazarei

    Faculty Advisor(s)

    Dr. Scott Feister


    I will discuss how we implemented a scientific simulation toolkit, Geant4, to help characterize high energy laser experiments and build better detectors. I have designed, executed, and visualized a proton moving through matter and a uniform magnetic field within a simulated proton spectrometer. I wrote software that extended and instantiated classes from Geant4 to define the geometric parameters of the experiment, what physics processes and materials I needed, and actions to take at intervals before and after each run of an event. I created files that allowed me to visualize the simulation and manually fire protons. I was able to simulate a proton at 1 MeV shooting through a uniform 1.65 kG magnetic field. We plan to build upon our simulation to create more complex experiments that may include any number of objects, materials, non-uniform magnetic fields, and the code to capture the data such as position, energy, and deflection of particles.



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