The Age of Information and the Power of Being Self-Informed

Author Name(s)

Corrina Jacobitz

Faculty Advisor(s)

Dr. Jaime Matera


The spread of misinformation that breeds mistrust and disbelief in science has led to a variety of issues relating to health, the general understanding of the natural world, and technological advancement across the globe. This has led to beliefs and efforts such as the anti-vaccine movement, the belief the earth is flat, and various other misinformation and conspiracy theories. While such beliefs and movements are not a new phenomenon, what is new is the viral spread of misinformation from non-credible sources among online communities, especially social media platforms. The objective of this research is to gain an understanding of where people get their information to gain an insight into what potentially could cause people to turn to and believe in misinformation.



1 thought on “The Age of Information and the Power of Being Self-Informed”

  1. Certainly timely questions. I appreciated the survey and data collection in thinking through the question of the credibility of online research. As a researcher, I appreciate when folks cite their sources and this seems to be a point of consideration within your study.

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