The Boxing Culture in Oxnard California; and Why Boxers Fight at all?

    Author Name(s)

    Antonio Sepulveda

    Faculty Advisor(s)

    Dr. Jaime Matera


    The History of the La Colonia Boxing gym in Oxnard California and subsequently the boxing subculture that developed from it is one of an immigrant community coming together. In order to keep their youth from delinquent behavior, the help of dedicated citizens who spent their free time teaching boxing skills but most importantly mentoring the Oxnard youth participating in the program has been impactful. It also opens a window into why people compete in such a high-risk sport, a sport that in fact, that has caused organ failure, bloodied and bruised participants, and even death in the ring. It shines a light into what drives the fighter to sacrifice their youth to hone discipline and skill in a sport that consumes their entire life. As well as the effects that the program has had in the community in terms of curtailing the number of kids who fall victim to street crime.

    Keywords: Boxing, Oxnard, Subculture

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