The Effects of Social Support and Types of Abuse on Substance Abuse

    Author Name(s)

    Maritza Santos

    Faculty Advisor(s)

    HyeSun Lee


    Social support services are currently emerging and embedded into our society in order to benefit people from abusive and toxic home environments. However, there is not much information on whether people who have used social support services are actually benefitting from these social services and whether their potential substance abuse can be related to the effectiveness of these services. The data for this study was retrieved from Childhood Adversity and Traumatic Stress among Inpatients at Psychiatric Hospital (Carlson, 2016). Using a Two-way analysis of variance, the analysis results revealed that the type of abuse and social supports had non-significant effects on reducing substance abuse. In order to explain why the findings were non-significant, gender and race were taken into consideration. The dataset’s majority was composed of white and rarely use other races. In order to generalize findings, a future study should have a balance number of diversity in participants to see whether or not there is an impact on substance abuse. These findings potentially helped expand our knowledge on how to improve our social support systems, how we approach those who could potentially benefit from theses services or figuring out who is at risk.


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